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Varieties - early varieties

Rumba is an early ripening June bearer that stands out thanks to its beautifully shiny, bright red fruit. Rumba?s strong points include its long shelf life and the beautiful sheen that is still...

- Very early variety, 10 days before Elsanta - Excellent taste - Brightly coloured fruit - Tolerant to most root diseases and mildew - Extremely suitable for tunnel cultivation


Very early and easy to force - Vigorous variety with high productivity - Excellent fruit quality with a good taste - Good shelf life - Tolerant to mildew

Malling Centenary
Excellent overall fruit quality. Berries are firm and attractive with very regular shape and excellent flavour. Brix and shelf life scores have been similar to Elsanta, although berries of Malling...

- Early, low chill - Good taste - Significantly less misshapen - High productivity - Vigorous variety for heavy soil